Another fan favourite has popped off on social media, you met Slime Lickers— now introducing Sneaky Stardust!

What is it? It’s a gum powder, yeah that’s right POWDER. How cool is that? This trending and unique concept takes a spin on the classic chewing gum. We have all seen regular gum strips, tablets and even gum tape, but powder? How fun is this. It comes in a cute little carton, pop it open and get a taste of that sour and sweet gum powder and watch it transform into a chewy sensation.

We loved seeing youngsters try out Sneaky Stardust on Tik Tok, and film their reaction to the sour surprise. They are available in three different flavours, blue raspberry, green apple, and strawberry. Have you tried it yet? Make sure to tag Exclusive Brands in your posts, we can’t wait to see your reviews.


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