Your Milk’s New Best Friend!!

Are you a picky drinker? No matter how hard you try you can’t seem to enjoy the taste of a cold glass of milk? I know I am. But what if I told you that can change? No this isn’t an advertisement for some powder mixture or anything you need to make; this is something MUCH simpler. STRAWS. QuickMilk straws are flavoured straws that you put in your cup of milk and sip through to enjoy… yes that’s it! So simple and easy, no mess or clean ups just simply use it as you would a regular straw and watch that boring glass of milk turn into a tasteful beverage.

Quickmilk is a great way to get the source of Calcium you need from milk without having to compromise your taste buds. These straws come in a huge variety of flavours from fruity to chocolatey goodness, you can have a different flavour of milk every time! Best of all is that these versatile straws can be used with any sort of milk beverage, whether that’s soy, almond or coconut.. you’ll get delicious results each time.

For the little ones:

We even carry some licensed QuickMilk straws from popular TV shows and brands such as Barbie, Bakugan, Hot Wheels and Polly Pocket! They come in many flavours that will have your young ones begging for a second glass.

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