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Welcome to Exclusive Brands! Your one-stop-shop for novelty candies, cookies, snacks, nutritional products, and baking décor! We are a proud Canadian-based confectionary company that distributes unique sweets and treats for every occasion you can think of.

We strive to build long lasting business relationships through exceptional quality, dependability, customer service and company values. Get in touch with us today to see how Exclusive Brands can provide you with the latest popular products through the support of our industry trade channels.
Kevin Crux
General Manager
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Slime Lickers
Slime Lickers
February 2021, Toronto, ON- Have you heard of the slime licker craze!! It is a huge hit on social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. People are using Toxic Waste Slime Lickers as a taste test and turning their tongues into fun vibrant colours.
PS4 Winners!
PS4 Winners!
February 2021, Toronto, ON- We are so thankful for everyone who entered our giveaway to win a PS4 through the luck of finding a pink elephant in our Teddy Pop Candies.
Twinkle Baker Decor
Twinkle Baker Decor
Twinkle presents the revolutionary Triplet Sprinkler. Imagine your top three Twinkle treats stored into a convenient 3-cell bottle! Simply twist the signature cupcake cap to open the 3 individual lids that allow you to shake and pour out edible fun on your goodies.