Candy Gift Basket Ideas For Every Type of Sweet Tooth.

Do you know what has been very popular lately? Gift baskets/boxes, especially with an edible assortment whether that’s edible fruit, smashable hearts or straight-up candy. We have been seeing these colourful, themed boxes and baskets all over social media and love it! We decided to have our own take on it using some of Exclusive Brands candy, to help give you some inspiration too!

The Sour Pack
We all know that one person that absolutely hates sour candy, and we also know that one person who loves it! Well in this case the perfect basket stuffers for sour lovers, is what we are starting off with! Toxic Waste has dominated the sour candy market, with hazardously sour hard candies, lollies and more. These are the perfect addition to throw in, the infamous Tiktok Slime Lickers are all the rage, (we have a whole article on it too!), so if you can get your hands on one, I’m sure they be will over the moon to taste the hype. Want to add something unique, how about funny, novelty candies? Not only are they tasty, but they also come in a unique display that you won’t find on the shelves of a regular store. We recommend Sour Flush, this novelty toy comes with two lollipops on the side to imitate plungers and when you lift the toilet seat, what do you find? A sour candy powder to dip it into!

The Chocolatiers Pack
Did someone say chocolate?? Chocolate baskets are everyone’s favourite that you can never go wrong with AND it’s suitable for literally every occasion. They are great for holidays because you can add all sorts of festive goodies to make your gift on-theme. We would recommend throwing in some unique pieces to really get them surprised, how about our Shock Rocks chocolate bar infused with popping candy? This delightful creamy chocolate has a surprise with every bite, watch and feel the rocks pop in your mouth, this is no ordinary bar! Don’t worry cookie lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you…some of the best cookies we offer are covered in chocolate! That goes from our marshmallow cookies that sit on a golden biscuit, to our four different type of wafer fusion cookies.

The One-of-a-Kind Pack
This basket would be so ideal for candy and sweet enthusiasts, we have some treats that even they might not have tried. We thought of some of the unique, old school, retro, and popular candies to toss into this candy gift basket. Retro candy is super cool, not only is the packaging eye-catching but they often have a novelty component to them as well. First, gummy foods, yes growing up we have seen those mini burgers and pizza gummies, but THESE are next level. Gummy tacos, noodles, pizza, and sushi! These gummies are much bigger and detailed with individual ingredients in the boxes! The pizza gummy comes in its own pizza box and the noodles come in a takeout container, how cute! Next pick is…. Retro bubble-gum! From Black jack gum to Gold Mine gum, these gums are anything but ordinary! They have a cool vintage feel to them, which really adds an extra “wow” factor to surprise these candy enthusiasts. This unique basket is filled with one-of-a-kind treats.

We want to see what candy basket themes you come up with…create your own, tag us and share your ideas!