Triplet Sprinkler

Twinkle presents the revolutionary Triplet Sprinkler. Imagine your top three Twinkle treats stored into a convenient 3-cell bottle! Simply twist the signature cupcake cap to open the 3 individual lids that allow you to shake and pour out edible fun on your goodies. The Triplet Sprinklers – Frozen Magic features snow flakes, pearls and mini pearls. These are perfect to add a little fun to cupcakes or cakes.

Mini Pearl Beads

The Mini Pearl Beads – lavender are the baby version of Pearl Beads ideal for delicate finishings.

Mini Pearl Beads are petite sugar pebbles with a pearl coating. They are the perfect sprinkle for an elegant touch of your cupcakes, cookies and desserts. These petite pebbles come in a variety of colours, suitable for all sorts of celebrations.

Shimmering Powder

Ready to use shimmer dust stored in a cute plastic bullet, giving your desserts a dash of sprinkled shimmer! The Silver Shimmer Powder is perfect for adding a touch of excitement to your creations. We sprinkled this on top of cherries to make the cherries shimmer.

A sprinkle of Twinkle Shining Powder will give your plain fondant the touch of excitement it is missing. Your guests will fall in love with your fondant arts. Shimmering Powder lightly spreads over the decor. Everyone loves a cake coated with delicious sparkly dust!

Twinkle Eat Me Marker

Twinkle Eat Your Marker is edible ink pens that is used to add fun and dazzling colours on any food you want. The Eat Your Marker – pink is perfect for decorating cookies or fondant. Write out messages or create edible drawings on your favourite desserts! Draw on the fun!

You can brighten your everyday foods like pastries, cheese, fruit slices, bread and more. Watch out, you might never put them down once you realize you can eat your own drawings.

Icing Gel

High-quality icing gel stored in a convenient tube, ideal for glittering effects on cakes, cookies, and desserts. Twinkle Sparkling Frosting Tube comes in a variety of shades to make your cake decorations dynamically beautiful. We had fun writing silly words on our cupcakes – These Icing Gel tubes are easy to use – even the kids can use them! Simply gently squeeze on the ready-to-use icing tube and the gel will flow.

We absolutely loved these products and we will be looking for them in stores! They are all great quality, and delicious on their own, on cakes and even on ice cream!

These products are available at HomeSense, Winners, Marshalls, Dollar Tree and other retailers!

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