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As confectionery distributors and marketers look to improve and enhance their offerings, and offer alternatives to the changing tastes of consumers, some are importing products from across the world. This adds more variety, flavours and colours to the Canadian confectionery market.

Exclusive Brands, is one of the top leading importers in Canada. Customers love their products because they offer price competitive, unique products that offer better value VS. the competition.

Exclusive brands is constantly striving to improve and enhance the brands they carry year over year. They analyze the Market and provide consumers with what they are looking for; a more modern touch that will attract the new generations.

Continually offering new products in the competitive confectionery market is a key success factor for Exclusive Brands growth. Over the past year, Exclusive Brands has launched over 30 SKUs, and they target all age groups and genders with their creative offerings. It is important for retailers to carry products for all the customer types that visit their stores.

Excusive Brands is offering true innovation in all categories. Consumers are accustomed to seeing the same repetitive brands on shelves year over year. Excusive Brands design is more quirky/ fun/ edgy/ stylish yet simple. Exclusive Brands accommodates for all occasions/holidays/anniversaries/themed party ideas and much more all year round.

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